knightHi , My name is Knight , I ‘m founder of Rework Labs , I also a full time freelance web developer. Currently I m staying @ JB, Malaysia , I travel between Malaysia and Singapore weekly , Rework Labs is a Singapore registered company.

Who am I ? I m a geek that like web, that’s why I become a freelance web developer.

Before working as a freelance developer ? I use to be a PHP Developer @ CBS Interactive but started my company @ 2011.

What I am ? I m freelance web developer. I specialize in PHP based application and WordPress customization.

What I am not ? designing and copywriting is not my strength and I m gladly working with any freelance web designer out there.

How long you been working as a freelance developer ? since 2011 , it’s been 2 year already.

Would you like to join our company/startup ? Nope , currently I m enjoying the freelance lifestyle.

How to contact ?

if you are looking for some help or you have some work to offer. There are few ways you can contact me :

  • you can use the contact tab to send in your request.
  • you can tweet me on twitter , my twitter account is @imknight.
  • you can email me knight[at]reworklabs[dot]com.