The client needs a competition submission & review web application.

Project SIA is built on top for WordPress, and it’s has been using for consecutive three years already.

What does Project SIA do?

  • Allow the public users to submit their project for the competition.
  • The general users will need to make payment by Paypal to join the contest.
  • Once the submission due, the web application will change into review mode.
  • Once in review mode, the judge can log in and rate for each submission.
  • Admin will collect the final rates and announce the winner through their event.

What does Project SIA improve the whole competition experience?

  • It saves up lots of manual work & paperwork for submission.
  • It accepts online payment which helps to minimize all the previous payment issue when using cheque and cash.
  • It helps to collect all the info and allow the judge to rate it online.